The solutions

Well, the good news is that there are five clear solutions to the problems caused by tax havens.

Country by country reporting

Under country by country reporting, the multinationals would have to break their information down by country of operation – including in each tax haven – so that citizens and authorities can see what the corporations are doing in their countries.

Country by Country Reporting









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Unitary tax

This would involve taxing multinational corporations according to the real economic substance of where they actually do business.

Unitary Tax








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Automatic information exchange

Developing countries – and rich ones – must get the information they need to tax their wealthiest citizens properly.

Automatic Information Exchange















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Disclosure of the real life, proper, final, ultimate, ACTUAL owners of companies

Ensuring that every human who has a stake in a corporate structure – a’true beneficial’ owner – has his or her identify available on a searchable, low-cost public register. And we should slap severe sanctions on those havens that don’t shape up.

Disclosure of True Beneficial Owner










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Making ‘wilful blindness’ a criminal offence

We can bring hard penalties against the pinstripe intermediaries who help the tax evaders.

The IMF and other bodies dealing with money-laundering must officially make tax evasion a money-laundering offence.

Wilful Blindness




















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