Where’s the organised civil society pushback on big finance and monopolies?

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Rupert Murdoch knows how to turn market dominance into profits

This blog is about the urgent need for an organised civil society response to the overlapping concerns raised in my headline, particularly monopolies. (There is scattered pushback on finance, but not enough.)  Though there’s been a bit of a recent flurry of interest in monopolies, it’s mostly been in the …

The one and only Chris Simpson

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This is generally supposed to be a blog about tax havens, and this post isn’t anything to do with tax havens. But this is my blog and I can post what I want: if you read it you’ll see why. Chris died of a heart attack in Dakar just over a month ago.

Who was Chris Simpson?

For an all …

Treasure Islands, relaunched for Truxit

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There is now a new version of Treasure Islands available. Essentially, it’s got a new introduction, and a new chapter.  Here is an excerpt.

“The Brexit vote was, in the end, about globalisation. The hottest issue was immigration, which is, as Professor John van Reenen of the London School of Economics points out, ‘globalisation made flesh’. But behind the vote

If you’re in Dublin on 23 September 2016 . . .

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‘Tax justice, not tax havens’: 10am-1pm, Friday September 23, 12-14 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.

This event will bring together tax justice activists, academics, aid organisations and trade unionists from across Ireland to discuss tax justice in Ireland and internationally.

The Tax Justice Network’s Nicholas Shaxson, author of ‘Treasure Islands: Tax havens and the men who stole the world’, and …

Top tax expert calls for Big 4 accounting firms to be broken up. Me too

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George Rozvany

Adapted from the Tax Justice Network blog:

In March The Economist magazine rang alarm bells (again) about a rise in concentrated market power: a problem where the biggest firms get ever bigger and more like monopolies, making it easy to extract wealth from the rest of us (as opposed to creating wealth.) This, in turn fosters steeper inequality and poverty and reduces economic growth. As they put …