About Tackle Tax Havens

Taxes are the most efficient and sustainable means of supporting vital public services like education, healthcare, a legal framework, police force, public transport networks, welfare and much, much more.

But the wealthy can escape their responsibilities to the societies on which they and their wealth depend – by hiding their money in tax havens.

Tackle Tax Havens, launched in 2011, is a major programme designed to raise public awareness of tax havens: what they are, the damage they do and how we can tackle them together.

Our objectives

Governments across the world must close the loopholes that enable and encourage wealthy individuals and organisations to hide their money in tax havens.

How we will achieve this:

We will work towards this goal in three simple steps:

1. Raising awareness

Pulling back the veil on the practices exploited by those in power to avoid paying taxes.

2. Spreading the word

Developing an array of powerful content and providing the tools to share it.

3. Taking action

Highlighting activity across our global network of campaigning organisations and NGOs

About the Tax Justice Network

Tax havens lie at the centre of our concerns, and we oppose them

The Tax Justice Network

Tackle Tax Havens is the public face of the Tax Justice Network (TJN), an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to high-level research, analysis and advocacy in the field of tax and regulation.

Launched in the British Houses of Parliament in March 2003, TJN works to map, analyse and explain the role of taxation and the harmful impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens.

TJN promotes transparency in international finance, supporting a level playing field for taxpayers. It opposes loopholes and distortions in tax and regulation and the abuses that flow from them.

TJN’s global network includes:

  • Academics
  • Accountants
  • Anti poverty organisations and NGOs
  • Corporate responsibility campaigners
  • Development organisations and NGOs
  • Economists
  • Faith groups
  • Financial professionals
  • Human rights campaigners
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Public-interest groups
  • Small business representative organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Others

To learn more, visit the Tax Justice Network website or Tax Justice Blog.

Get in touch with TJN:

John Christensen, Director of the International Secretariat:
john at taxjustice dot net
+44 79 79 868 302