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How the wealth managers do it: an in-depth investigation

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Cross-posted from the Tax Justice Network

The Atlantic is carrying a truly fascinating article entitled Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts. And this researcher, Brooke Harrington, went to town on it:

“Given the little that is known about the profession and its role in global inequality, it seemed imperative to learn more about

The Amartya Sen Prize Contest for New Work on Tax Justice

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Academics Stand Against Poverty, the Yale Global Justice Program, and Global Financial Integrity invite submissions of original essays of ca. 7,000 to 9,000 words on the intelligent use of incentives toward curtailing corporations’ use of tax evasion and avoidance, abusive transfer pricing and all forms of illicit financial flows. All prizes are named in honor

‘Money on an Island’

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And Now for Something Completely Different. Introducing The Apopalyptics, a Northern Irish duo planning to raise awareness of the damage that tax havens do to society in a rather innovative way. They’re producing a hip hop track and accompanying video called ‘Money on an Island’. Work is currently underway and they’re looking for donations, with…

The Economist on Swiss banking; the titillation of Konrad Hummler

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Reposted from author or Treasure Islands, Nick Shaxons’ blog: I’m quoted in The Economist in an article about Swiss banking secrecy and the concessions Switzerland is currently being forced to make, bit by bit. It’s a nice overview, and I’m glad in particular that the author notes this, which quite a few journalists have missed:…

Treasure Islands Paperback Out Now!

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You may be aware that Tackle Tax Havens blogger (and world renowned author and journalist) Nick Shaxson wrote a book called Treasure Islands, which exposes the grubby world of secrecy jurisdictions. It was, according to the Guardian’s George Monbiot in 2011, “Perhaps the most important book published in the UK so far this year”. Well, the…