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TaxCast Episode Two Out Now!

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Our latest TaxCast is now ready! In February’s episode: Are City of London Police really serious about prosecuting financial crimes? Are bankers paying fair taxes on their bonuses? And how Facebook is saving billions in tax via Ireland and Bermuda. Head over now to listen, download or share.

Treasure Islands Paperback Out Now!

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You may be aware that Tackle Tax Havens blogger (and world renowned author and journalist) Nick Shaxson wrote a book called Treasure Islands, which exposes the grubby world of secrecy jurisdictions. It was, according to the Guardian’s George Monbiot in 2011, “Perhaps the most important book published in the UK so far this year”. Well, the…

The falling number of financial prosecutions – in pictures

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This picture from David Cay Johnston of Reuters speaks for itself: The #Occupy movement is on to something in this particular respect (as in many other respects). Meanwhile, over in the UK we see something similar, via the Treasure Islands blog, which we re-post in full here, with permission: “This is remarkable, from Britain’s Daily Mail:…

Transparency: the coin has another, darker side

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Transparency International, a pioneer in the fight against corruption since the 1990s, has a new Corruption Perceptions Index out. It’s been splashed across newspapers around the world. Transparency International has played a massive role in bringing corruption into global consciousness. But we have a question. Why, oh why, oh why, is Switzerland – that great…

Tax havens: what is all the fuss about?

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Tax havens. We all have a vague idea what they are: shady places to stash money. But it’s all a bit confusing. They provide lots of things. Secrecy is one. They also charge little or no tax. They promise not to enforce other nations’ laws, from labour laws to inheritance rules to financial regulations. So…