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The Tea Party says government spending creates jobs, stimulates the economy

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The Economist blog (hat tip: Barry Ritholtz) picked up on this delicious bit of cognitive dissonance from Judson Phillips, the Tennessee lawyer who heads Tea Party Nation, a far-right pressure group, objecting to prospective defence cuts proposed by th…

Greece’s ex-PM: we’d have avoided bailout if it were not for tax havens

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From the UK Telegraph:”Papandreou told the opening of Socialist International’s four-yearly conference that $21 trillion was hidden in tax havens around the world.”Whether it is in developed or developing nations, it is our citizens that are being robb…

Swiss Rubik deals are sliding backwards

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Switzerland’s useless “Rubik” tax deals seem to be nudging their way back into the news again. These deals ostensibly offer clients a chance to pay a lot of back taxes and ongoing taxes, while preserving their anonymity though we have demonstrated repe…

Hedge funds, private equity

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This blog has been temporarily withdrawn – five minutes after posting it. Not for spooky reasons but because I want to get some better coverage for it first. It will be reinstated soon.

UK public contractors face probe into tax avoidance

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Given the ‘capture’ of British policy-making by the tax avoidance and financial industries we won’t hold our breath . . . but the Financial Times is reporting something long overdue:”Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat deputy leader, has joined forces w…