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Links Jun 29

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Tax havens; Heaven for the rich, hell for the poor TJN Latin America and CaribbeanJun 27 – Great video explaining tax havens. (In Spanish).Tax justice must be on the agenda for the post-2015 development goals New StatesmanJun 17 – ActionAid’s…

Devastating Guardian article about the Jersey swamp

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The Guardian, as part of its excellent series on Britain’s Channel Islands, is running a devastating and tremendously important article about the sheer depths of corruption in Jersey, which has been covered up not just by the Jersey establishment, but by the establishment in Britain, too, with complicity from the likes of the Jersey BBC and, by extension the mainstream…

For tax havens, stakeholders are grit in the machine

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Yesterday I had coffee with a financial expert in Zurich, who is in the process of setting up a new financial product. The expert said to me:

“I have had laws changed to accomodate this proposition.”

Me: “Where have these laws been changed.?”


This reminded me straight away of a short section in a chapter of Treasure Islands.