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Why it is crazy to cut corporation taxes right now

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Nicholas Shaxson (of Treasure Islands fame) has an article on the site of the London School of Economics, looking at corporate taxes in the UK. (It’s an argument that can be applied to the U.S. too.) The LSE blog, and his own longer article, argue that it is folly to cut corporation taxes now. Although…

Daily Show on the tax-cutter nutter Grover Norquist

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Watch it here. Hat tip: Treasure Islands. My key takeout from this interview is the interviewer summarising something Norquist said: “Yes, the entire federal government is paralysed because of a document written by a 12 year old in 1968.” As the clip reveals, that is actually true.

The UK tax gap vs. Benefit Fraud – in pictures

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Courtesy of Left Foot Forward (LFF), via Tax Research, who wrote: It is great to report today that: “The Sun has today launched its campaign against tax evasion, vilifying those, usually the very richest in society, whose scams cost the taxpayer a total of over £15 billion a year Hang on, sorry. Here is what actually happened:…