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Lord Ashcroft: BBC on new tax haven scandal

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From the Treasure Islands blog: For connoisseurs of all things Lord Ashcroft – the peer who continues to have quite a hold over the UK’s Conservative Party – last night’s BBC Panorama programme, featuring yours truly in a brief clip, was quite an eye opener. Featuring the Turks and Caicos Islands, that financially unclean British…

New Yorker, FT: the grand larceny of private equity

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Following a recent blog by the Tax Justice Network about US presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his former private equity firm Bain Capital, there is now an excellent short article in The New Yorker explaining that the principal problem with private equity firms is not their widely reported effect of stripping jobs: The real reason…

Treasure Islands Paperback Out Now!

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You may be aware that Tackle Tax Havens blogger (and world renowned author and journalist) Nick Shaxson wrote a book called Treasure Islands, which exposes the grubby world of secrecy jurisdictions. It was, according to the Guardian’s George Monbiot in 2011, “Perhaps the most important book published in the UK so far this year”. Well, the…